upcoach API access and authentication

To interact with upcoach API, you need to create an API token. Organization admins can only create tokens, and each token created is linked with the admin who created it. Any action taken via upcoach API with those tokens is done on behalf of the creator admin of those tokens.

How to Create and Manage API Tokens

  1. Visit organization admin area

  2. Go to Advanced > Integrations section

  3. Use the API Tokens panel to create new API tokens and manage them.

After creating it, the API token is displayed in plain text only once. Be sure to copy the token and save it somewhere secure before refreshing or exiting the page.

How to Authenticate

upcoach API uses the Bearer authentication method, and to send authenticated API requests, you need to have the following header in all requests:



Bearer <token>

If the request is not authenticated successfully, you will receive 401 Unauthorized response with the following error message:

  "message": "Unauthenticated."

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